Circular economy

Raw materials of agro-industrial origin

Formulation of a complete range of eco-alternative® fertilisers from original raw materials.

Low carbon production

Our unique low energy consuming and patented manufacturing process has low greenhouse gas emissions.

Increased real use coefficient (RUC) of fertiliser units by plants

Our nutrition solutions guarantee the most effective fertilising units for your eco-alternative® fertilisation.

Fertilux fits in the circular economy.

Our products

We offer you formulations adapted to each crop, for all growing practices and for various modes of application.

Our offer of eco-alternative® fertilising solutions will preserve the fertility of your soil, activate microbial ecosystems and provide the nutritional elements needed for high-quality cultivation.

Our full range offers solutions for application on field crops, for foliar spray, and for ferti-irrigation on specialised crops.

Please contact us for more information about our product range.

Agrology Expertise

Meeting all the challenges of the Agrology Supply Chain, from manufacture to delivery, we are your partner for successful eco-alternative® fertilisation!

All of our formulas are developed in our research laboratory and controlled at every stage of production.

Growing common Agrology Values, FCA FERTILISANTS is our main partner withing the SHFC Group.

We are thinking about the future of Fertilisation.